What is Facebook worth? Scripting News

If Facebook has the guts and vision to become this network, then it’s worth everything, even $10 billion isn’t enough. Instead of Yahoo or Microsoft acquiring them, they will be in the buyer’s seat. And Facebook has a clear shot at doing it. But there’s no evidence that they get this, and no evidence that if they do get it, that they’re going to move aggressively to fill the need.  Permalink to this paragraphThere are plenty of other identity systems out there that could be easily extended to become social networks. Yahoo, imho, made a serious mistake when they made 360 independent of their main identity system. But they did a smart thing (although painful for existing users) when they folded Flickr’s identity system into their main system. Same with Google and Orkut. Don’t start new namespaces, build off the one you have.  Permalink to this paragraph

None of these mistakes are new, they’ve all been made many times over. IBM had the PCjr, when all the market wanted was a cheaper PC. And Hypercard should have been a scripting language integrated with the Mac OS, why have two graphic environments when your strength is the unity of your UI? What value were the rules of UI design if Apple immediately broke them? Unification leads to simplicty. Coalesce instead of fork. This is Postel’s Law, still a very good one to follow. Fewer formats please. And fewer logons, and fewer networks of friends.  Permalink to this paragraph

And Twitter still looks good. Let’s hope they keep it simple. ;->

What is Facebook worth? Scripting News


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