Mobile 2.0: Developing Really Agile Web Applications

Analysts differ in their definition of Mobile 2.0. For some, it is about doing an end-run around the the walled garden, allowing users to connect to the latest Web 2.0 services through a Wi-Fi network. With the Nokia N-Series, users can download podcasts, upload pictures to Flickr, read RSS feeds, watch YouTube videos, or consult Google Maps. The experience, while still falling short of the desktop, is a far cry from the old WAP browsers and it will only get better as devices and networks improve. Gartner analyst Bill Clark takes a different view, saying Mobile 2.0 is not simply about bringing these capabilities to a mobile device but is about delivering services that make sense in a mobile context.

Mobile 2.0: Developing <em>Really</em> Agile Web Applications


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