Akihabaranews.com : MiniOne, the telephone by Meizu

The MiniOne is a GSM EDGE WCDMA cellphone using Windows CE 6 and equipped with an ARM11 533MHZ (SamSung) processor sporting 128MB of DDR SDRAM. It features a TFT Touch Screen (16M colors) with a nice 720×480 resolution and 2 cameras (front 0.3Mpix/rear 3Mpix). Other goodies include BlueTooth, Wifi, DMB Tuner, GPS, video output (last 2 in option), files such as Avi, Mpeg4 and Wmv can be played in 720×480. Last but not least the capacity goes from 4 ( to 16GB and the price from 190 (240) to 330€, that is from 260 (325) to 450$.

Akihabaranews.com : MiniOne, the telephone by Meizu


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