Silly season [dive into mark]

Just to give you an idea of how far you are from asking the right questions, here’s some examples of questions you did not ask:

“What are the limitations of current open-standards-based web applications?”

“What sort of applications absolutely can not be written because browsers can’t do X?” (No points for ideas that could be written if only you were smarter.)

“What is X?”

“Could I implement X as a proof-of-concept Firefox extension?”

“Or an IE toolbar?”

“Or a Safari InputManager hack?”

“Would the Mozilla/WebKit/Opera/gasp-OMG-Microsoft developers be amenable to pushing X upstream into the next major release of their browsers?”

“Is X the sort of thing that could be standardized through a group like the WHATWG or the newly re-ignited W3C HTML Working Group?”

Silly season [dive into mark]


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