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How big can Amazon’s Web services become? It’s unclear, but 5 million objects stored isn’t a bad start.


I think we are really on to something, given the early initial traction. This is new customer stuff for us. We have been working on it for just a couple of years now, and there are already a very large number of developers using these services. We have gotten very positive feedback from them. We keep enhancing the services. The team here at Amazon that is working on these web services is super passionate about this, very, very excited.

When asked how big Web services will be relative to Amazon’s core retailing business, Bezos noted it takes a long time to grow a business. But he did add that the “market sizes are potentially large.”

As long as Amazon can balance its spending on Web services with strong results from the retailing business Wall Street will be patient with Bezos’ initiatives.

» Amazon mum on EC2, S3 spending | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com


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