– For every problem, there is an apparent solution that is simple, elegant and wrong. Unfortunately, these tend to get implemented before they are known to be wrong. When this happens, it is common practice to simply change the definition of the problem.

– Software cannot be proven correct but it can be proven to be over budget. – Every computing design problem is solved by the following three step process: (1) add a layer of abstraction so that everything becomes a simple set of interlinked boxes on a whiteboard (b) remove that layer of abstraction when it becomes obvious that nobody follows your logic in adding it (c) design an ugly but functional solution, telling yourself that one day, you will revisit the design and make it beautiful.

– There are only four differences between an Executive Information System and an ordinary information system.a) The executive model costs more (b) it does less (c) it has larger icons and (d) nobody knows if it is being actively used or not. – “Home truths” about computing


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