April2007Interop – Atom Wiki

    • Tim Bray of Sun Microsystems will bring the Atom Protocol Exerciser, a client.
    • James Snell of IBM will bring client and server code based on Apache Abdera, and (tentatively) components of the Lotus Connections suite (server)
    • Keith Fahlgren of O’Reilly Media will bring Ruby client code
    • Charles Greer of O’Reilly Media will bring a content distribution server that uses Abdera.
    • M. David Peterson of The Viberavetions Project will bring .NET (C#), Python, ASP.NET, XSLT, and XQuery server code and (X)HTML, XSLT, and Javascript client code.
    • DeWitt Clinton of Google will bring the the GData team and will help ensure that everyone has what they need to make the event a success.
    • John Panzer of AOL will bring the AOL blogging API (server).
    • Joe Gregorio of IBM will bring the APP Test Client and a test server
    • Nikunj Mehta of Oracle will bring a Ruby based APP test client and server components
    • Byrne Reese of Six Apart will bring XML::Atom, the Perl framework for clients and servers
    • Joe Cheng of Microsoft will bring  Windows Live Writer (blogging client)
    • Lisa Dusseault of commerce.net, IETF Area Director for Atompub, will bring herself to talk about IETF issues and other standards-related stuff.
    • Erwan Loisant of Flock will bring the Flock browser (blogging client)

April2007Interop – Atom Wiki


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