Current Mashup and API Trends

The API section of ProgrammableWeb shows popular APIs. It also has an interesting scorecard that compares API offerings from web giants like Google and Microsoft. A quick look at the score card reveals that Yahoo! and Google lead the pack in terms of number of APIs – 22 and 20 respectively. Amazon, Microsoft and AOL have roughly half of that and eBay has 4.

But in terms of usage, Google is far ahead of the pack – 1114 Mashups use a Google API. It is also interesting to note that even though Microsoft has 3 times the APIs of eBay, they both have the same number of Mashups using their APIs.

Also check out the mashup matrix, which gives insights as to how APIs cluster with each other. Each dot in the matrix implies that two APIs are part of the same mashup. One way to interpret the matrix is that a cluster of dots indicates logical belongings of APIs, or a natural fit with each other.

Current Mashup and API Trends


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