Mark Evans – Is Web 2.0 Innovation Over?

Peter Rip has an interesting, if not controversial, theory: there’s little new, exciting or innovative happening these days within the Web 2.0 landscape.  Instead, he contends the same concepts are being rolled out by different people – kind of like going to the same play but seeing different actors. In many ways, Rip is right in that it’s difficult to believe the world really needs another photo/video-sharing service given there are already dozens battling for your attention. Rip argues the hard work has just begun:

“The next wave of innovation isn’t going to be as easy.   The hard problems in the WWW are no longer usability or ease of everyday content  creation.  These problems are solved. Digital cameras, SixApart, WordPress, and digital video cameras showed us how ease it could be.  Now the hard part is moving from Web-as-Digital-Printing-Press to true Web-as-Platform.  To make the Web a platform there has to a level of of content and services interoperability that really doesn’t exist today.”

Mark Evans – Is Web 2.0 Innovation Over?


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